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Singing Bowls Massage

Himalayan Singing Bowls Massage

  This treatment is exceptionally relaxing and calming, very beautiful and meditative. You are in a direct physical contact with the sound, with healing energy of the

bowls, and your mind glides between the body and the cosmos. 

  I place and slide singing bowls directly on the body and around it. There is a blissful and harmonizing aura around, healing sensations in problem areas, and very pleasant sensations of deep vibrations in all the body. Every cell is being massaged, and subtle energies expanded.

Whole session is a pure spiritual ecstasy. It is very comforting for pregnant ladies, for all individuals with busy and hectic lifestyle, and everybody who needs to recover physically, mentally and spiritually.  

About Himalayan Singing Bowls

  Singing bowls come from ancient Asia. Their manufacture was always kept in strict secrecy, they were used in pre-buddhist shamanic practices, and a lot of mystery surrounds these sacred instruments.

  Their use was strictly secret, an there is very little information about their origin. Currently they are widely employed in meditation, space cleansing, trance induction and healing.

  There is a believe that everything inside and around the bowl, when it is struck, becomes pure and perfect.

  Each handmade bowl has different sound and carries a different feel and energy within. The bowls with a positive energy combined with a healing intention can amplify their beneficial effects on our body, mind, spirit, and the world around.   

The Sound of Singing Bowls

  Usually singing bowls produce two or more main notes at the same time and very rich audible harmonic overtones. Exotic sound and strong vibrations sustain in the air and our body for very long.

  The sound of healing bowls is very calming, soothing and liberating. It touches our deepest, the spirit. It takes us to the timeless zone, a place of absolute calmness, peace and light.