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Upcoming Events

Sun 27 Nov


Tea Ceremony & Gong Bath - Sound Mysterium Studio, Chalk Farm, Camden

1pm, 2hrs, £30, capacity 7 people


Wed 30 Nov


Small Group Gong Bath - Sound Mysterium Studio, Chalk Farm, Camden

7pm, 1,5hrs, £25, capacity 8 people


Mon 12 Dec


Psychedelic Gong Bath - Round Chapel, Hackney

8pm, 1,5hrs, £15-£25, capacity 100 people


About Sound Mysterium Events

All-Night Psychedelic Gong Baths

Unique all-night ceremonies created for you by me (Kat of Sound Mysterium), Jamie (Infinite Spirit Sounds) and Francisco (From Toes to Crown), continuously playing gongs and a number of other sound healing instruments throughout the night, incorporating our voices, elemental sounds and channeled energy. The experience is very intensive and we recommend to arrange at least one day-off after the event to process it. 

Our all-night gong baths are unlike many other gong night events where people play gongs in turns. Inspired by genuine and dedicated shamanic ceremonies, all three of us are playing the instruments and holding the space from the beginning in the evening till the very end in the morning. People describe our nights as ‘life changing’ and ‘the best experience in their life’.

Gong Baths

Gong Baths at various small venues and studios in London are for small groups of people, offering an intensive and intimate sound healing experience. During the sessions I play one or two gongs, a dozen of old unique singing bowls and do a throat singing along shruti. At the end each participant receives a distance (no touch) hand healing.

Psychedelic Gong Baths at spectacular Round Chapel and other church venues are run in collaboration with The Psychedelic Society. These are big events for a large number of people, offering a cozy atmosphere of a chilled community. I bring many instruments there (gongs, bowls, bells and other), also use throat singing, and have my best students helping me with the soundscapes. The name of the event refers to ‘psychedelic experience without psychedelics’ that many attendees report having such.

Tea Ceremony Events

Some of my events are purely tea ceremony meditation, and some of them are combined with sound baths, shamanic drumming, movement and other. Tea Ceremony & Gong Bath for example begins with an hour of a mindful appreciation of tea and Zen inspired tea setting that deeply relaxes and prepares a group for the next hour of the gong experience. 

Tea Ceremony & Labyrinth at St.Augustine’s Tower is something with a difference, - tea, guided visualization, drumming, old ritual singing bowls and a candle-lit labyrinth that enhance the natural magic of the 13th century flint tower, its ancient spiral staircase and hypnotic clock ticking…

Advanced Meditations with Singing Bowls.

Singing Bowls Concerts.

These are for everyone who feels there is something very special in old Himalayan singing bowls. 

I run meditations bringing just a few old & special bowls (each time different) opening an opportunity for a deeper exploration of their energies, connecting, learning and at the same time developing your inner sensitivity/inner vision/clairvoyant abilities. 

A bit different are singing bowls meditative concerts where I play 80-100 of them – these are actual sound baths. 

Once a year I organize concerts of famous Frank Perry who brings his unique collection of bowls to London and performs along slides of mysterious paintings by N.Roerich.

Private Sessions

One-to-one or a private group session can be a sound bath with gongs, singing bowls, tea ceremony, fire ceremony, space blessing, distance hand healing. 

One-to-one treatment can involve a singing bowls sound massage with the bowls placed and moved directly on the body and shamanic healing (Siberian tradition mostly). In exceptional cases I might offer Kashmiri Shaiva mystical yogic session. 

The most popular one-to-one private treatment consist of a singing bowls massage, sometimes incorporating gonging, and shamanic drumming and distance hand healing at the end, after which we discuss messages and insights that I receive during drumming. 

If you are looking for a private session just to relax, boost your health and experience something beautiful, singing bowls massage, gong bath or tea ceremony would work perfectly. 

To arrange such sessions for yourself or as a gift for your friends, family or business colleagues, please get in touch with me.


Few times a year I run sound healing workshops, myself and also inviting well-known specialists in the subject like Frank Perry (antique singing bowls) or Sainkho Namtchylak (throat singing). Each workshop is different each time as sound healing is a huge subject, it can be approached from a number of various perspectives, and be adjusted to the needs of a particular group of participants. More about my workshops here: TUITION


From time to time I organize or co-organize weekend or longer retreats in beautiful and special places in nature in UK and abroad. Each retreat is one-of-a-kind as I listen and follow what the spirit/energy of a specific location and time has to say and to offer. 

I’m also in a process of building my own place for retreats in Lithuania. You can read more about this project here: ROUNDHOUSE RETREAT

If you are a retreats facilitator and feel a resonance with my work, please get in touch with me, we might create something special together.

Events & Projects Outside UK

In Summer months I often go to Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia) and do some sound healing events there. Sometimes I go to other countries as well to collaborate and work with international artists for various sound & art projects.