Projects, Performances & Collaborations

Venus in Mud - natural building project, ongoing from 2008. Venus in Mud on: Facebook

& Natūralūs Namai - Natural Homes Lithuania, on: Facebook

Gong Tripping, November 2011 - experimental piece in collaboration with Robert Harris aka Szandor Dashwood, sound & visuals:

Gong Tripping - Kat Bumbul & Szandor Dashwood

Golagrigness, 2013-2014 - sutartines polyphonic singing project with B.Bukantyte, J.Kaminskaite, A.Kuprele & S.Evelyn; performances in Slovenia, Lithuania and UK. Golagrigness on: Facebook

Geysers: a Study, July 2015, Tristan Bates Theatre, London - scratch performance improvisation by Beatrice Bukantyte (movement) & Kat Bumbul (shruti box & vocals):

Geysers: a Study

Fabric in Space, October 2014 - performance, exploration of fabrics in relation to body, voice and space: B.Bukantyte & K.Bumbul

Love Clock, June 2016 - InTransit Festival street performance, sound & movement with Donald Hutera, Lilia Pegado, Sarah Kent, Sara Evelyn, Beatrice Bukantyte, Ruta Vitkauskaite and other artists.

Sound House, 2017 Belgium - Kat Bumbul on gong with Clarice Jensen on cello, Christina Vantzou's album No.4. Christina Vantzou & No.4 on: Bandcamp

Sound House

Sound House · Christina Vantzou No. 4 ℗ 2018 kranky Released on: 2018-04-06

The Blang Spirit, gongs & gong-fu, July 2018, London - tea & sound performance with Olivier Shneider from

All-Night Psychedelic Gong Bath - ongoing sound ceremony project/collaboration that began in October 2017 with two other sound healers: Jamie Richards from Infinite Spirit Sounds and Francisco Amoscotegui from Toes to Crown.

All Night Psychedelic Gong Bath

Organizing workshops and concerts in London of:

Frank Perry - antique singing bowls, sound healing, N.Roerich's paintings

Sainkho Namtchylak - overtone/throat singing

Live performance with paintings by N.Roerich. Frank Perry on Himalayan singing bowls and hand-made inventions. Jamyang Buddhist Centre Dec 2018