Antique Singing Bowls for Sale

I have a beautiful selection of antique singing bowls for sale, available to view and to try them out in person in London (N4).

Among them:

Chalice/Pedestal bowls

Elephant bowls - thick & heavy, high pitched, very old

Water Spirit bowls - make otherworldly sounds with some water added

Jumping bowls

Thin yin bowls - perfect for sound massage on the body

Manipuri bowls

Lingam bowls

To arrange a viewing please contact: [email protected], +44 7724302001

 Also available: hand made wands from Frank Perry of various wood and of different sizes.

For everyone interested in the world of antique singing bowls I highly recommend Frank's book: 'Himalayan Sound Revelations' available on: Amazon.

Singing bowls short demo

Short demonstration of playing two small antique singing bowls using hand-made wooden wands from Frank Perry.