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Alchemy of Sound

Everything and everyone in the Universe is in a state of vibrational energy that constantly radiates and receives different frequencies (pitches), whether they are audible to human ear or not.

 All Universe is interconnected sound resonance.

All Universe is music.

We are capable to hear sound frequencies ranging from about 20 to 20 000 Hertz, and normally we hear only the fundamental tones of any sound produced. However many other tones, not individually distinguishable, called overtones or harmonics, are also sounding.

Sound creates overtones that go on in series to the frequencies off our hearing range, and in theory they can go to the infinite!

   Sound has a quality to resonate.

This quality allows us to use it to influence vibrations of any atom in the Universe: us, our surroundings, elements and Earth!

Human body that is made of about 70% water is a perfect sound resonator. Every cell of our body responds to all sounds that surround us. Sound can affect every organ and various systems in the body. Sound transforms matter, and it makes changes on mental, emotional and spiritual levels too.

By exposing our body to beneficial sounds we stimulate it to vibrate at healthy frequencies, and got attuned into more harmonious state of being and co-relation with others and Nature.

Sound moves. Sound penetrates. Sound transforms.

What modern science proves now about sound, vibration and matter, was very well known to ancient mystics and used by shamans and healers throughout the world. The ancients knew that words, thoughts and all sorts of sound create vibrational energy that can reach any place in the Universe and affect physical matter.

Instruments like gongs and singing bowls, that produce strong overtones, have strong resonating properties and a powerful ability to transform. Therefore they are real magical instruments. Played with focus and a proper intention, which is a vibrational frequency too, they become an ultimate tool for positive changes in us and our environment.